What is involved in the treatment?

08 Mar 2016, Posted by Mo Hedayat in

Your treatment depends on the problem you have. Joint manipulation, or adjustment, involves a gentle specific movement to the involved joint. A joint may be restricted or locked up and therefore not allowing for normal movement and biomechanics. An adjustment applies a controlled force to such a joint to normalize its movement and alignment. This treatment also stimulates joint receptors which inhibit pain signals from firing and allowing muscles around the joint to relax. An adjustment can also break up scar tissue that forms around joints.

We specialize in soft tissue therapies such as Active Release Techniqueâ„¢ (ART) using movement to actively release scar tissue and myofascial adhesions that have accumulated due to repetitive strain injuries, overuse, and sports injuries/motor vehicle accidents. Such adhesions and scar tissue can affect muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves. The treatment feels like a combination of deep tissue massage with stretching movements repeated several times to release adhesions and tension.

We also use strengthening exercises and therapeutic stretching to complement in-office treatment. In addition, custom orthotics or braces may be prescribed.