I heard you have to keep back getting treatment

08 Mar 2016, Posted by Mo Hedayat in

The way this myth started was with people who only felt better if they got treated. When the effects wore off they wanted to return for more treatment. If someone comes in with pain in the neck and shoulders due to sitting at a desk all day and they get treated, they do get better. However if they go back to their bad postural habits at work; if they don’t stretch as we recommend; or if they have an inactive lifestyle then the problem may return.

Generally patients fall into one of two categories: The first are those who suffer an injury playing sports or in a motor vehicle accident. These patients generally have a set treatment plan and when the condition improves they no longer require any further treatment. The second group are those with chronic conditions such as neck/shoulder tension and low back pain due to poor postural habits, desk jobs, excessive driving or lifting and other occupational or lifestyle strains. These patients often improve with treatment only to see their condition recur in the future due to the above factors. They often benefit from ongoing maintenance and preventative care that is customized to their specific needs. The frequency of check-ups can vary depending on the individual. It’s your body so you decide the path you would like to take.